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Water Damage Testimonials

My apartment got flooded from a pond that is located in the center of my building. Once that happened I called SERVPRO of Central Glendale right away. Once they received the call, thirty minutes later they came to do an inspection. They are great with their timing and their dedication!

Amazing amazing service! My parents house had water damage so I contacted SERVPRO of central Glendale. They were quick, professional, caring, and very friendly. They made sure everything was dry and put in place before the job was down. I will contact them again if I need their service.

I had water damage at my residence. I called SERVPRO of CG and they were prompt, knowledgeable, and very professional. They told me the process that we had to go through and got the job done very efficiently. I will definitely be using SERVPRO of CG again! Thanks guys!

Boy, what a service!

Within 30 minutes of my initial call, SERVPRO of Central Glendale was at my doorsteps. 5 days later, there was no sign of any water damage. These guys are professionals, the restoration went as a breeze. I highly recommend them.

SOOO...we woke up to a burst hot water pipe under the house. It must have been going on through the night without us waking up from it, because there was a lot of standing water under the house and steamed up windows in the house. We had no idea what to do and a friend recommended we call SERVPRO of CENTRAL GLENDALE. She had used that specific one and highly recommended them. So we called and within an hour had them arrive to check out what was going on. They confirmed what we thought that there was moisture in the walls and floors. They put fans in all the areas affected and also under the house. Fast forward to a week or so later, there was still moisture in the walls and we were told that the dry walls/hardwood floors need to be cut into so they can dry it and mold doesn't form. They completely packed all our stuff (I need to call these guys next time we want to move!) and did a very thorough job with drying out our walls. With having 3 kids under 4 I wasn't going to take a chance with mold. The job was done right and completely taken care of. I also want to add that they were very clean. The guys cleaned up after themselves every time they left and were very courteous when there. It's never comfortable to have strangers in your house and it's very stressful when your family is going through something like this, but if you're in the situation, I highly recommend SERVPRO of central Glendale!!

I had a water damage and didn't know what to do. Called my insurance agent and was referred to SERVPRO as one of their vendors list. I am so glad I called SERVPRO of Glendale. They advertise "like it never happened" and it's true. They came in within the hour, dried my house, covered all work areas (for the dust), dealt with my adjuster. VERY polite and professional management and crew. I highly recommend them, if you ever have water, fire or mold damage called them, they are available 24/7 and you will always get a live person answering the phone:)