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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

So happy with their services. The staff and their crew is beyond professional and helpful. They took on a big job at my house and they finished right on time. They are reliable. 5 well deserved starts.

I had smoke and soot in my house and needed it to be cleaned. I hired SERVPRO of central Glendale through my home insurance. It was so easy to work with them. The crew was so professional and helpful. They kept in contact with me the entire time. I recommend them.

I cannot explain how amazing SERVPRO of central Glendale is! They took care of a water damage job in my new home within just a few days! I recently bought a house and had no idea the headache that could come with one! I had a bathroom pipe burst and my whole bathroom and hallway was filled with water! I told a co worker and she told me to call SERVPRO of central Glendale. I still thank her for that referral! They came and told me exactly what happened and what they needed to do to fix the issue. They left driers around the house to make sure the walls and floors were dried professionally so that we wouldn't run into issue with mold (since the floors are wood). Within a few days...Wallaaa! Back to normal! I couldn't thank them enough. Call them for your restoration needs. You won't regret it!


It may seem unreasonable to find any company with so many 5-stars, but this is true.

I am going make a wish that all businesses and all service providers are like SERVPRO of Glendale. For a moment, let's forget the company itself, but concentrate on the people and the level of service they provide.

The team arrived shortly after placing our initial call to take care of a flooded basement. Besides quickly taking care of the area, the came back a few days later to demo some walls and carpeting. I still don't know where all the dust and dirt went. The SERVPRO guys were so professional, clean, and courteous. It's as if they weren't in our house, but the work was done within a week. At the end of the work, we were left with almost 50 empty SERVPRO shipping boxes, which they came back to pick up at no extra charge.

Besides the work they did on our house, they dealt with our insurance company and made sure everything was in order, from paperwork to payment, etc.

Highly recommend THIS branch of SERVPRO; caution, as most SERVPROS are branches/franchises, and I cannot comment on how the other branches do.

The crew here is awesome! I can't thank them enough for taking care of my business. They knew exactly what had to be done.  The previous company just 'painted' over it and claimed that they got rid of the issue. SERVPRO of Central Glendale really takes care of their customers. Thank you a bunch!

Great service. I had a pleasant experience with SERVPRO of Central Glendale. They truly portray what the company stands for.  I was expecting my business to stay closed for months. They finished the work fast and I was able to open within a few weeks. 5 well deserved stars!